***Innovative Cine & Video Equipment***

Brackets for the CineTape focus assist

Available for 4x4 low profile and 6x6 universal Steadicam designs, either can be used with eyebrow

Double: $185 +shipping

- fits the 6x6 Arriflex Matte Box and the 4x4 Panavision or Arri

Single: $125 +shipping

- fits only 4x4 Panavision or Arri

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For a shipping quote contact Walt Dimick:

Email: wdimick@aol.com

Phone: (503) 421-1808

Payment Options

1. Send your order with check or M.O. payment to:

I.R.F. Machine Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 22024
Milwaukie, Oregon 97269

2. Order by credit card through Paypal

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