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Accessoriesfor the Stanton Jimmy Jib

Inverted Mitchell nose - $535.00 + shipping

Our inverted nose for the Jimmy Jib TRIANGLE is an all aluminum custom design and will mate up perfectly with the Weaver-Steadman fluid head or any other Mitchell based device that stays within the weight limits of the arm.

The inverted nose piece comes with our exclusive brass level-locking pads and is fully black anodized to resist wear and corrosion.

We also offer a complete Mitchell conversion for the Jimmy Jib TRIANGLE. This consists of a installing a Mitchell base on the arm complete with 2 3/4" fine thread castle nut that allows the arm to quickly be mounted on a Fisher Dolly (center mount for most configurations), camera car or any other Mitchell plate device. At the same time we install a matching Mitchell mount on your tripod stand. In this way there is never a need to "adapt" to anything, and you always have the confidence that the arm is secured with the industry standard Mitchell mount.

For your convienence you will only need to ship us the tripod top and the bottom half of the leveling base. Allow one week for the complete process when scheduled in advance.

Mitchell Mount Conversion for the TRIANGLE JIB - $900.00 plus shipping

Other custom jib machiningwork

The picture above and below are of a older round tube Jimmy Jib that we equipt with pan and tilt brakes. The center support saddle was also beefed up in the process.

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