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Custom Monitor Brackets/Yokes

17" flat screen HD montitor bracket - $400.00 + shipping

The original production, flat screen monitor yoke. Sleeker, stronger, and more flexible than the imitators.  The Pocket Grip design for the 17” Panasonic fits the 1700, 1710, and 1760, plus, it can be also ordered for, or easily adapts to fit the new Sony 17” and the Multisync 17” production monitors. Our bracket was originally conceived for rental house use, so flexibility and strength were designed in.  Thus, even the first brackets made in 2005 are user updateable for use with the newest Sony 17”. (Panasonic to Sony kit available). Custom shipping cases designed for monitor with yoke attached are available from Innerspace Cases, LA.

Bracket shown here with Sony 17" monitor (Sony part #LMD1751W)

Shown below with 17" Panasonic Monitor

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For a shipping quote contact Walt Dimick:

Email: wdimick@aol.com

Phone: (503) 421-1808

Payment Options

1. Send your order with check or M.O. payment to:

I.R.F. Machine Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 22024
Milwaukie, Oregon 97269

2. Order by credit card through Paypal

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